Mobility Solutions

Wheelchair Accessible Conversions


Fold-out Ramp

This conversion includes a complete reconstruction of the van's floor by cutting out the original and replacing it with a purpose-built floor that adds inches to the height of the door opening for easy entry and exit. As the door opens, the vehicle also kneels to make the ramp angle as low as possible, making it easier for those in a manual wheelchair to get into their van. The fold-out ramp is an industry standard and has been proven safe over years of service. When deployed, the ramp is perfectly flat, then folds in half and stores against the curb-side door for travel.

Fold-out ramp Siennas are available from BraunAbility.


In-Floor Ramp

Siennas featuring an in-floor ramp represent an interesting twist on the traditional fold-out ramp by storing the one-piece ramp under the floor. Just like the fold-out, this conversion includes a complete reconfiguration of the chassis and has the kneeling feature. The in-floor configuration means the floor stays hidden until needed, allowing you to choose the style that suits your taste.

In-floor ramp Siennas are available from BraunAbility and Vantage Mobility International (VMI).


Rear Entry Ramp

An economical solution for many families is the rear-entry wheelchair accessible option. The front of the Sienna chassis remains intact and a path is formed into the rear of the van for access. Additional folding passenger seats can be added to the middle row position to accommodate larger families or for use in taxi service where the wheelchair accommodation may not be consistently used. The rear entry configuration allows entry and exit even when parked in a standard parking space or in a one-car garage.

Rear entry Siennas are available from BraunAbility.

New Vehicle Limited Warranty


New Toyota Siennas converted for wheelchair access are warranted under the same terms and conditions as Toyota's New Vehicle Limited Warranty; conversion-related modifications are warranted by Toyota's conversion partner. Your wheelchair accessible Sienna also comes standard with Toyota Care, the complimentary car maintenance plan that includes 24-hour roadside assistance for 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. Siennas converted for wheelchair access also qualify for Toyota Mobility Assistance; details on reimbursement submission are available through your local mobility dealer.


Where to buy


For wheelchair accessible vans, visit your local Toyota Dealer to select the Sienna model grade, color combination and equipment you like best, then the Toyota sales professional will assist you in locating a Mobility Dealer offering the Sienna you prefer. Toyota has a formal referral system with our conversion partners that allows tracking of your vehicle order, which will be delivered through your preferred Mobility Dealer.